Kestrel's Musings

Rambles and explorations from this perspective.

Morning Garden Soundscapes

1. Bewick’s Wren. 

2. Bewick’s Wren flanked by Robin and Spotted Towhee with some Collard Dove at the end. There is a splash of White-breasted Nuthatch in there too.

3. House Wren with cow at the beginning and Acorn Woodpecker along with. 

I just heard my first Yellow-rumped Warbler singing as I write. Spring is on.


Author: Kestrel

Kestrel identifies as a naturalist, Yosemite Interpreter, guide, outdoor educator, science teacher, friend, music lover, auntie extraordinaire, adventurer for birds, and fellow sojourner on this big blue marble. Out there she strives to live life most generously and satisfyingly. Here she endeavors to share what rolls around the heart and grey matter...

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