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Trabucco Ranch

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Len McKenzie and I lead a bird walk for Sierra Foothill Conservancy at the Trabucco Ranch easement. We observed 28 species of birds and a bazillion wildflowers. A FOS (first of season) Orange-crowned Warbler singing was a highlight along with Lark Sparrows singing and a male Phainopepla perched for all to see. A pair of Cooper’s Hawks soaring over head was also pretty awesome.

Butter and Eggs, Blue Dicks, and Caterpillar Plant were just some of the fun common names bantered around. Apiaceae, Brassicaceae, and Boraginaceae were some of the scientific ones.

Trabucco Ranch is located in Bear Valley in the heart of the Central California Foothills. There is a long history to this place that is situated along historic routes to Yosemite.  Currently this property is under a conservation easement and plots are for sale.

Our complete list of bird sightings:

  1. Bewick’s Wren
  2. Oak Titmouse
  3. House Finch
  4. Stellar’s jay
  5. Northern Flicker
  6. Western Scrub-Jay
  7. American Robin
  8. Phainopepla
  9. Oregon Dark-eyed Junco
  10. Yellow-rumped Warbler
  11. Lark Sparrow
  12. Western Bluebird
  13. Golden-crowned Sparrow
  14. California Quail
  15. Bushtit
  16. Nuttal’s Woodpecker
  17. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  18. Turkey Vulture
  19. Spotted Towhee
  20. Orange-crowded Warbler
  21. Cooper’s Hawk
  22. California Towhee
  23. AcornWoodpecker
  24. Red-winged Blackbird
  25. Red-tailed Hawk
  26. Common Raven
  27. Black Phoebe
  28. House Wren



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  1. Wish we were there 🙂