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New Category ~ Fly Fishing


At the moment this Blog is as much about learning what a blog is and how to make it all work and look how I want as much as it is about learning how to express what I want articulately and effectively. I now know what “categories” are! As soon as the water starts flowing and the trout begin running, I hope to reacquaint myself with my one season old gear, and tell you all about it.

Last summer I tried something new, Fly fishing. I have day dreamed about trying this daunting craft for a few years. I took advantage of not working full time and took a course at the San Francisco State Field Campus near the head waters of the Yuba River. In our first email exchange regarding questions for the course, the instructor signed “Tight Lines”. At first I could not figure out what he meant then finally it occurred to me and that is when I knew I was going in over my head. Putting one’s self in the position of novice is good practice once in a while. I have been instructor, teacher, guide, leader, mentor, and coach. To be in the position of learning something new was welcome. Besides I found out that standing in a river all day developing my technique was as awesome as catching trout.

Here I hope to chronicle this coming season’s adventures as I try to follow through with what I learned.

Tight Lines Everyone!

SF Fly Program 7.12 010

My first trout!


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