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Snowing at 1200 ft.

I looked up and it was snowing. This is significant and exciting because I am at approximately 1200 ft. in the foothills of the Sierra around 37.4325° N, 120.0969° W latitude. Snowing here is a stupendous event. IMG_5427
As I fluctuated between wanting to capture the moment with pictures and videos and just stopping to stare and listen I was transported. Big huge flakes began to fall. The last time I had experienced big flakes like this was during the only snow storm I experienced at all last year on a snow shoe adventure up to the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. My favorite clip of today’s snow treat was listening to the birds comment as the snow piled on. I will include here a poor video clip purely for the sounds. To hear some of the first songs of spring as incredibly huge flakes of snow greet the evening during such a rare event is delightful. A Robin called repeatedly and then made me smile with his song. Listen for the White-crowned Sparrow calls, and a Spotted Towhee singing near the end. What else do you notice? (You may want to turn up the volume.)


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Kestrel identifies as a naturalist, Yosemite Interpreter, guide, outdoor educator, science teacher, friend, music lover, auntie extraordinaire, adventurer for birds, and fellow sojourner on this big blue marble. Out there she strives to live life most generously and satisfyingly. Here she endeavors to share what rolls around the heart and grey matter...

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