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Ode to Pinnacles National Monument

This was written soon after arrival, spring break 2010.  I was taken by the nature magic there and immediately began writing this on their NPS map/brochure.

Walking with a smile thinking, “I love Pinnacles.”  I love Pinnacles like I love hot drink in the morning.  I love Pinnacles like I love a celebration with friends.  I love Pinnacles like I love that bobcat that just popped out of the shrub and onto the log while I walk day dreaming about how much I love Pinnacles.  I love Pinnacles like I love the sense of letting go and the sense of wholeness – of completeness.  Like I love feeling satisfied and full.  I love Pinnacles like I love seeing that adult Condor soaring overhead soon after I step out of my car immediately upon arrival.  I love Pinnacles like I love the gift of life and laughter.  Like I love the blessing of these great folks I’ve met, and the conversation that has freed me, where I freed me, to be.  I love Pinnacles.

UPDATE: Congratulations Pinnacles! Pinnacles National Monument is now the United States 59th National Park.


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